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      A brief description of the calculation method of wind volume for high efficiency filters

      When it comes to high-efficiency filters, it's one of the most important devices in our lives, and what's special about this device is that it's filtering, and the effect is associated with the amount of wind in the device. So now come with us to look at the calculation method of wind volume!

      In fact, there are two different categories of wind calculation methods for efficient filters:

      A standard calculation method for a partition filter

      1, filter paper section wind speed = 1000/3600/25.27 = 0.011 m/s, that is, when the cross section wind speed of the filter paper is 0.011 m/s, the initial resistance of the filter paper is 200PA;

      2, followed by the calculation of the wind volume of the filter, a filter of 900 * 600 * 370, 0.88 * 0.58 * 280 * 0.35 * 2 * 0.011 * 3600 = 3961 m3/h, in which:

      0.88 is the effective length of the filter paper;

      0.58 is the effective width of the filter paper;

      Filter folding of a standard filter of 280 M;

      0.35 is the actual height of the filter paper;

      2 is a double layer;

      0.011 is the cross-sectional wind speed of the filter paper;

      3600 is an hour equal to 3,600 seconds.

      3, we then calculate with a national standard 484 * 484 * 220 high efficiency filter: rated wind volume is 1000M3/H, initial resistance is 200PA, filter paper number is 28 fold / 10CM, The effective area of filter paper is calculated as 0.475 * 0.475 * 280 * 0.2 * 2 = 25.27 square meters, in which:

      0.47 is the effective length of the filter paper;

      0.475 is the effective width of the filter paper;

      280 is a 1 meter filter paper folded double layer;

      0.2 The actual height of the filter paper.

      Ventilation based on wind speed and size of highly efficient filters

      1, under normal circumstances we use a high-efficiency filter, its rated wind speed between 0.3-0 .6 M/S, we can take the median value 0.45;

      To give a simple example, the size of the 1000 wind efficient filter is: 484 * 484 * 220, which can be converted to get the wind volume.

      These two are our common method of calculating the wind volume of high-efficiency filters, because wind volume is a very important knowledge when we use high-efficiency air filters, so it must be mastered!


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